10 things you should ask before buying a used car

If buying a used car makes you feel overwhelmed about physically inspecting multiple cars, inquiring basic information directly from the owner can be the most time and cost-effective approach. But how do you ask the right questions? Let's find out.

"What is the current mileage?" If it's more than 30,000 kilometers or less than 5,000 kilometers within a year, it's essential to ask why. High mileage, in some cases, might not be a bad thing as cars that have been driven long distances can sometimes be in better condition than those with low mileage. This is because long-distance driving keeps the engine in good shape compared to short, stop-and-go trips.

"What additional features does the car come with?" Even if the information is not provided in the listing, it's something you should ask, especially about essential features such as cruise control, power windows, electrically adjustable seats, air conditioning, manual or automatic transmission, rear defrost, and power-adjustable rearview mirrors. Asking this question can provide you with more detailed information about each feature.

"How is the overall condition of the car?" Start with broad questions like "Is it in good condition?" and then delve deeper. Asking more questions gradually allows you to gather more information about the car from the seller.

"What is the condition of the interior and exterior of the car?" If the answers to the previous questions are not detailed enough, you can inquire further with this question to get a more specific assessment of both the interior and exterior condition.

"Has the car been involved in any accidents?" Most sellers will likely say no or mention minor incidents, so you should ask for more details. Inquire about repair costs, how long ago the repairs were done, and even the name of the repair shop. This information can help you make a more informed decision about whether to proceed with that particular car.

"Does the car come with service records?" Having service records is a good sign that the owner has taken good care of the car. You can also check if the car has been regularly inspected and if any parts have been replaced over time. If possible, ask if receipts from each inspection are available, as they often include recorded mileage.

"Has this model ever been recalled?" This question is important as some car models may have been subject to recalls due to non-standard components. You can also ask about the model's recall history and inquire about the specific year of the car.

If you're interested in buying a used car on Kaidee, there are 2-3 additional questions to consider when contacting the seller:

"Was the car bought new from a dealership?" If it's the first owner, you might not need to seek history elsewhere. However, if it's a car that has been owned by multiple people, you may want to check its history.

"Is this the primary vehicle?" Regular interaction with the owner who regularly drives the car can help you decide if they have taken good care of it.

"Why have you decided to sell the car?" Most sellers will likely say they're getting a new one. You can follow up with, "Is it not enjoyable to drive anymore?" If the reason seems reasonable, you may want to consider looking at the next car.

With these questions, you can save time and budget by narrowing down your choices and focusing on cars that genuinely interest you. When you go to physically inspect a car, don't forget to bring a mechanic or a knowledgeable friend along, along with your checklist.

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