The advertised price is not suitable

If you have been notified that your ad did not pass due to this reason, consider whether your ad contains content that falls under this category

  • Price not disclosed
  • Not specifying the full price of the product, such as wanting to sell a car but entering the down payment amount in the price field, or wanting to sell a whole piece of land but indicating the price per square meter. In this section, you can rectify this by editing the price field to reflect the full price or by stating the full price of the product in the ad details
  • Not providing the actual price of the product, for example, entering values like 0, 1, 9, 999999
  • In the Property category, the ad indicates the intention to 'sell,' but the price field contains information for 'rent
  • Discrepancy between the specified price in the details section and the price field

If you want to edit your ad to make it go live, you can do so by going to the 'My ads' menu on the ad listing page. Navigate to 'Awaiting Edit' and then click 'Edit Ad' to make the necessary changes

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