What is an OTP code? Where can I find it?

"OTP" stands for "One-Time Password," which means a code that is used only once for logging into a system. When you need to log in again, you must use a new set of codes, which the system will send to you via SMS to the phone number you provided. Using OTP helps you avoid the need to remember passwords for logging in, enhancing security by preventing others from using your password.

If you've followed the steps but haven't received the OTP, it's possible that your SMS inbox is full, or you may have previously opted out of receiving SMS advertisements. Additionally, ensure that the phone number you entered matches the one you're currently using. If you've checked these and still can't resolve the issue, you can contact the support team for assistance.

If you find the process of requesting OTPs for every listing tiresome, it's recommended to use a dedicated phone number for registration and contact with sellers or consider using the Kaidee Application, which provides convenience for both sellers and buyers

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