Kaidee Warning! Beware of Online Scams

Today, Kaidee is here to warn everyone about online scams. In today's world, where life is made easy, including online shopping and easy online transactions at our fingertips, unscrupulous individuals take advantage of this, spreading scams and fraud throughout the internet. Everyone has the potential to encounter unexpected scams.

We must be vigilant and not fall victim to online deception! These scams attempt to design methods to trick us into providing important information through emails, along with slight URL manipulations that make them appear to be from reputable companies. Please note that Kaidee is not an intermediary in payment transactions. Be cautious when buying and beware of impostors.

  • Pretending to be a Buyer: They claim to be buyers and request an email to proceed with payment. These scammers smooth-talk and claim to have made a transfer. They ask us to confirm the transfer or verify transaction details through email. Normally, transactions do not occur through email. If it does happen, Kaidee recommends verifying the email source or contacting the email company or phone number provided.

  • Falsely Using Company Names: These scammers will falsify names to resemble reputable companies. They provide fake links that look genuine. If the source seems untrustworthy regarding link accuracy, it is recommended to access the website you trust by typing the URL into your browser's address bar.

  • Encouraging Clicking on Links: After tricking us into clicking links, scammers may attempt to deceive us into "confirming to receive money." Do not click hastily! If we believe in them, they will extract vital information such as passwords from us. Therefore, we should verify the website's origin and be cautious.

  • Fake SMS: There are currently scammers pretending to be banks, courier companies, or well-known applications. They send fake SMS and may send them in the same message box we have received messages from the bank. They provoke us to click and provide vital information, such as ID card numbers, app login passwords, bank account numbers, or OTP codes. Do not respond or provide any information to those who request such information via SMS.

Always remember that reputable companies will not request important information via email or SMS. They will not ask us to click on fake links or open risky files in emails. Be a cautious person and understand these online deception techniques to protect the security of your personal information and finances

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