OTP is as crucial as your ATM PIN. Do not share it with anyone easily, or you may fall victim to fraud!!!

What is OTP? OTP stands for One Time Password, which is a password used to verify your identity for various transactions. Each code is sent via SMS and is valid for a single use.

Do not disclose the code!! If you reveal your OTP to someone else, it means that the person who knows the code can use your information to perform various transactions without your knowledge.

What could happen if someone else knows your OTP If a fraudster knows your account number and has your OTP, they could potentially steal money from your account.

If a fraudster knows your phone number and has your OTP, they could use it for illegal activities.

Examples of how fraudsters may manipulate you to get your OTP If you are an online seller, a fraudster may claim to be concerned that you won't send the goods and ask for your phone number to check and then ask for your OTP to confirm ownership.

If you are an ordinary person, a fraudster may contact you and claim various reasons to ask for your OTP, such as trying to delete your number from their device, or claiming they made a wrong money transfer and need your OTP for correction.

Therefore, do not disclose your OTP to anyone if you don't want to fall victim.

With good intentions from Kaidee.

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