If it's not convenient to meet, how can I protect myself from scams?

Today, we have received some good advice from a Kaidee member who wants to share tips with other buyers on how to protect themselves from unscrupulous sellers who may not send the products or send items that don't match the description. Let's take a look at the recommendations:

  1. Have the seller take pictures of all the items they are going to send (it's even better if the seller appears in the photos with the products).

  2. Take pictures of the packaging process, including placing the items in the box (the box doesn't need to be sealed yet) to ensure that the products are well-packaged.

  3. Seal the box with tape and take pictures again, focusing on the shipping address, to double-check the accuracy of the delivery address.

  4. When the seller goes to send the package, take a photo of the parcel at the courier's counter or the location where it is being sent.

  5. After the seller receives the shipping receipt (tracking number), take a photo of the receipt and notify the buyer along with the tracking reference.

  6. Once the buyer has checked and confirmed that everything is in order, proceed with transferring the previously agreed-upon payment.

All of these steps are ways for the buyer to take care of themselves. If you have helpful tips like these that you'd like to share with fellow members, feel free to send them to cs@kaidee.com. Let's work together to create a safe and enjoyable online buying and selling community.

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